Laurentian Commons is a mixed-use master planned community with integrated residential and commercial land uses. This assembly is on a major arterial road, Ottawa Street South. Laurentian Commons is in a central location that’s ideal for a wide variety of residential and commercial development opportunities.

Development Parcels Available for Sale

Laurentian Commons

This 12-plus acre property has been divided into five development parcels:

  • Parcel A will have two mid-rise apartment buildings (8 and 9 storeys) with a total of 225 units.
  • Parcel B (SOLD) will consist of approximately 120 back-to-back stacked town development units.
  • Parcel C, D & E have a land use which permits density (FSR) of up to 2.0 times the lot area.

The Details

  • Parcel A – 2.36 acres
  • Parcel B (SOLD) – 2.94 acres
  • Parcel C – 2.91 acres
  • Parcel D – 1.38 acres
  • Parcel E – 2.27 acres

$1,300,000 per acre

Land Statistics


83 Elmsdale


~12 Acre


~1,400 ft on Ottawa Street S.


~300 ft with an irregular lot configuration

Official Plan

Neighbourhood Mixed Use Node


Site Specific Zoning. The zoning is to implement a mixed use development including multiple residential, residential care, retail, office and personal service uses

Floor Space Ratio

  • The minimum Floor Space Ratio for any site developed exclusively with residential uses, or with a mix of commercial and residential use shall be 0.6
  • The minimum Floor Space Ratio for any site developed exclusively with commercial use shall be 0.3
  • The maximum Floor Space Ratio shall be 1.0


Q2 2018

Aerial view of Laurentian Commons Community

This is a concept plan only. GFA and parking can only be verified through a Site Plan Application process